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What is Biotechnology and what are 4 domains of biotechnology?

Biotechnology is made up of two words Bio+Technology. Biotechnology is nothing but the application of technology on biological substances. Making of bread,curd which is a microbe mediated process can be thought of as a biotechnological process. But , this is not the case, as the term biotechnology is usually used in a more restricted sense. …

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Facts about US population:

All elements derive their significance and meaning only because of the Population. Resources, calamities, and disasters are all meaningful only in relation to human beings. Their numbers, distribution growth, and characteristics or qualities provide the basic background for understanding and appreciating all aspects of the environment. The human population is the producer and consumers of …

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Citation Machine

What is a Citation Machine? A Citation Machine is used to convert a document or a paper(containing no or less citation) into a document that contains all the citations present in that document. Citation Meaning: Citation is nothing but a reference to the original work be it a book, paper, or author especially a Scholarly …

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