Leave Travel Concession Rules for Government Employees

Eligibility for Leave Travel Concession

Any employee with one year of continuous service on the date of journey performed by him/his family is eligible.

Example: An Official appointed on 31-12-2017 will be eligible for the two year block 2018-19, but those appointed on or after 1-1-2019, will not be eligible for that block.

LTC eligibility for Railway Employees

Railway employees (and employees whose spouses are Railway Servants) are also allowed the facility of LTC in lieu of their free passes on the following conditions:-

a) No hometown LTC will be admissible to Railway employees. Only “All India” LTC will be granted once in four years.

b) For the grant of LTC, all passes for the current year will have to be surrendered.

c) If the employee has already availed of a pass in any year, then LTC will not be allowed in that year.

d)If both spouses are Railway servants, then surrender of passes of any one of them will suffice.

e) For the purpose of this allowance, year means calendar year.